VI Internacional Congress of Safety in Ports: Green Molecule Safety | 22TH AND 23TH MAY 2024

22TH MAY 2024

23TH MAY 2024

Subject areas

Renewable energy port facilities


  • Regulation
  • Technological maturity
  • Safety criteria in planning

Security in OPS facilities


  • Safety and treatment on board
  • Shore treatment safety
  • Example of installations

Energy vectors in port areas


  • Ammonia terminal and storage
  • Hydrogen production and storage
  • Methanol production and storage

Risk in maritime transport: new fuels and residues


  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Hydrogen transport
  • Waste to energy and the MARPOL convention

Emergency management of the green molecule


  • Emergencies on board
  • Shore emergencies
  • Port-City interface emergencies

Case studies


  • Management of crowds in port facilities (concerts, fairs, exhibitions…)
  • Suiso Frontier ship incident -Liquid hydrogen transportation
  • Incidents in the Panama Canal